24 March 2019

BEAUTY REVIEW | L'Oreal Colour Protect Purple Shampoo

L'Oreal Purple Shampoo

Hello loves,

Since I've gone blonder I've learnt that it needs some sort of maintenance and care to keep the colour looking fresh. I tend to use purple shampoo 2 times a week to stop the brassiness and yellow build up. I have used so many different purple shampoos but some have started making my hair look pink or too silver.

I recently discovered the L'Oreal Colour Protect Purple Shampoo after seeing a promo shot from In The Frow. I used to use the Colourista shampoo from L'Oreal but I found that didn't really do much to my blonde but this shampoo is targeted to blonde or silver hair to neutralise any brassy and yellow tones. I will admit this shampoo is really purple almost a dark blue sort of colour so I would advise to be careful in the shower as it can stain the bath tub. But don't worry if you do happen to spill any a cloth will wipe it off straight away.

I use this on my hair 2 times a week and I usually leave it in for about 5 minutes. I know the packaging says 1-2 minutes but as a natural brunette I find leaving it in for longer helps prolong my colour. I find the shampoo really helps to get rid of any brassy and yellow tones and keeps my colour looking fresh and bright. I know some purple shampoos can be drying this one leaves my hair in a good condition plus the price is AMAZING too and it always seems to be on offer at £2.75 it just takes a bit of hunting down!

What shampoo's do you find keeps your colour looking fresh?

Lots of love Chloe x 

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20 March 2019

Finding my Passion Again

Nerja Beach

Hello loves,

I'm really trying to get back into the swing of things in terms of my blog. Lately I've been feeling a bit lost in terms of work and what my long term goals are in life. I mean I think I know what they are but it's just getting there.

I've seen a lot of my friends graduating from University as Nurses and Vets and it does sometimes make me wish I went to University and do a degree at times but I know in the long run it wouldn't have been worth it as I never really knew what I wanted to do at Uni anyways.

2018 was the best year of my life personally for sure. I went some amazing trips, spent time with my family and the best part fell well and truly in love (CRINGE!!!). Work wise too was really good, I started a new job as a Test Analyst which came out of no where but it was one of the biggest challenges I had to face. The job was something I had never done before so I really was learning a whole new skill set but the challenge was defiantly what I needed. I finished 2018 on a HIGH!

2019 has been an interesting one for me, the year started off slow especially at work and I was feeling a little bit lost. I am someone who loves throwing myself into something and I love being busy. Of course I love my chilled out days doing nothing who doesn't? But most of the time I like doing something and having it to focus on.

Work really wasn't giving me that satisfaction and although we are mega busy I don't feel like I can always throw myself into it all the time. I just started really getting back into watching YouTube and reading blog posts more often and then it really made me think about starting my blog again.

I hadn't uploaded in over a year so it was really daunting to think about but once I started writing my first blog post in a year it made me think that this was my passion.

I guess what I'm trying to say is everyone's passion is different and some people are so passionate about work but other's just go in and come home again every day. I personally don't think that is a bad thing so many people don't love their job all the time but some do and I suppose we all have a passion in life whether that is our job or our hobby like an activity, a sport, photography or a blog if your like me.

If you are feeling a bit lost like I was then sit down and think about what you love and just go for it because you will really thank yourself one day. You never know your passion could turn into your dream job!

What is your passion in life?
What are your top tips if your feeling a bit lost in life?

Lots of love Chloe x

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17 March 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hello loves,

Every year I ask my mum what she wants for Mother's Day and almost every time she responds with 'oh you don't have to get me anything'. Is it just my mum that does that? Mother's day for me is not just about presents but appreciating how amazing she is but there is just something special about spoiling her and getting her something fabulous.

I love putting together Mother's Day Gift guides so if you want to spoil your mum with something special I hope this post provides you with a few ideas.

Next Flowers | March Gift Bag of The Month £30
You can't go wrong with flowers for your mum and I think most mums love them. Next flowers in particular and so gorgeous and there are so many to choose from. The March Bag of The Month have 3 different types of roses, carnations and alstroemeria in the most stunning pink colours; they really do scream out spring. What makes it extra special is Next have free delivery too 7 days a week.

The Body Shop | Strawberry Essential Collection £20
I know my mum is such a huge fan of the Body Shop range and this is always such a treat to receive. The Body Shop have such a wide range to suit any mum whether they like floral, fruity or the classic fragrances. The strawberry fragrance is defiantly my favourite and features the body wash, body butter, body polish, soap and a mini bath lily all in the gorgeous box packaging.

Lancôme | 'La Vie Est Belle' Eau de Parfum Gift Set £46.80
Every woman likes to smell nice right? So perfume is a no brainer really. If your stuck on what to get your mum then maybe her favourite perfume will be a good idea. My mum is such a fan of the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle after she discovered it from me one year. Debenhams have some lovely gift sets and there is 15% off fragrance across the lines.

Yankee Candle | Cherry Blossom Large Candle £17.99
My mum is a candle hoarder so there is no doubt she will love this. Last year I got her a personalised Yankee Candle but after scrolling through their website it doesn't look like they are doing it this year. The Cherry Blossom Candle is the scent I picked last year and it is such a fresh but floral scent and it really reminds you of spring. It has hints of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.   

Next | Carved Robe £20
No matter what time of year it is I always love snuggling up in a dressing gown. If your wanting to get your mum some clothing but not sure what she will like then a dressing gown is perfect. I bought this dressing gown from Next last year in the pale blue colour but for some reason they don't seem to do it in that shade anymore. This is so cosy for the colder evenings and it is the perfect length too so it's not too short. There is still the grey and cream available to choose from.

Not On The Highstreet | Personalised Photo Frame £22.99 
Sometimes it's about the more thoughtful things for Mother's Day. Maybe your buying for a new mum or it's their first Mother's Day. This photo frame is just so special if the mum your buying for has a new born or just wants to capture memories with their little ones. Not On The Highstreet has some really sentimental gifts so if you want something personalised for your mum then check them out.

I really hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration to spoil your mum this Mother's day.

What gifts do you spoil your mum with?

Lots of love Chloe x

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13 March 2019

I'm Feeling 22!!

Missguided Red Dress


Yes I know I say this like every year but I thought I would sit down a write a blog post because you know what? I bloody missed it!!

Looking back and I joined the blogging world in 2013- 6 years ago and although I haven't always stuck at it I've really enjoyed it when I did.

Soooo...what's happened in the last year you ask? WELL...I got another new job at the end of last year as a Test Analyst (don't ask me what it mean because I don't either) but I really enjoy it and it is certainly something different to what I was doing before.

2018 saw a lot of trips around the country and across the globe. Last year took me to Spain, Marrakech and Portugal so I well and truly topped up my tan. I also had some amazing trips in England too; Bournemouth, The New Forest and Chiddingfold to name a few so I sure got a lot of use out of my suitcase!

By the title of this blog I turned 22 in December last year and I can honestly tell you it feels no different to being 21. I suppose it's just one year closer to me hopefully moving out; I'm hoping it happens in about 4 or 5 years time (fingers crossed).

Most importantly and the biggest thing to happen to me last year is I'm in a relationship!! I met my boyfriend Josh at the end of 2017 but we made it official at the start of last year so we celebrated our 1 year Anniversary last month. I'm not going to go into much detail but if you follow me on Instagram (chlocooper96) then I'm sure you have seen plenty of picture of us! I think this really has been the happiest I have ever been and the most grown up and 'together' I have ever felt- but I think a relationship does that to you!

I'm not going to commit to so many posts a week because I know I won't stick to it. I mean you never know this could be the only post of 2019 but I am going to try my best to be more consistent. Apart from this post I have no idea what I am going to be writing in the future but I really want to try and post more lifestyle. In the past my blog has been solely on beauty and before you ask I still have a lot of skincare and make up products!

I'm going to get my blogging mojo back and hopefully I stick at it for real this year!

Lots of love, Chloe x
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