Chanel nail varnish

I am a dreamer when it comes to designer brands! I walk into Harrods and Selfridges and I think 'I want that bag or them pair of shoes!' When my auntie told me how amazing Chanel nail varnish was, I thought that she was over reacting.

So I thought that I would try out one of the nail varnishes myself. I decided to pick 'Peridot' because it was such a versatile colour which can be warn all year round for any occasion. I love how it can be mistaken for green or gold and when held up to the light different shades appear. Most of my nail varnish colours are block colours which can get boring at times so this made a change for me.

Chanel- shade Peridot

I have to say this nail varnish was a good buy for me, it lasted for a good couple of days without chipping and it created such a shine to my nails. Also what I love about this product is it makes my nails a whole lot stronger and I'm not afraid of them breaking when wearing this.

OK so the nail varnish is £18, on the expensive side I know but it is so worth buying. I got my bottle from Debenhams but you can buy them in most department stores.

Have you tried any of the Chanel nail varnishes?

Chloe x

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  1. I've got few of them. Some of them don't last that well but I like them anyway :)
    Adela x