Kate Middleton: Royal style

Kate Middleton is one of my biggest fashion inspirations! Every time I see Kate she always looks so elegant with her dresses and heels. She never looks over the top with the clothes and shoes that she wears and wears things that suit her figure.

Kate has always looked stunning before and when she was pregnant. The one thing I like about Kate's choice of clothes is that she tries to purchase them from highstreet stores so they can be purchased by people who can't afford the designer brands (like myself).

Whether its for a charity event or a red carpet appearance Kate always looks right for the occasion!
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Come on ladies who doesn't want to look stunning even when your pregnant? Well take a look at Kate; still looking radiant as ever. Its like she's not even pregnant!

Kate Middleton (pregnant)

Finally, on Monday Kate gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy (our future king) and yesterday her and William left the hospital to take him home. The one thing that amazed me was Kate still looked gorgeous; its like she hasn't given birth! She wore a knee length blue dress teamed up with closed toe wedges. This was the perfect summer outfit to fit the glorious weather we have been experiencing!
Kate and Will and their baby son
I am sure I will be updating you with more of Kate's style. 

Which style of Kate's do you like?

Chloe x 

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