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So I'm a bit of a bookworm and love a good light hearted read! My favourite Author is defiantly Sophie Kinsella, especially her 'Shopaholic' series! I feel that lots of girls can relate to it, I know I can! Sophie always makes her books light hearted so they are a great pick me up for those who are feeling down. I find her books are the perfect poolside read; always leaves me laughing and feeling all warm and fuzzy! The most resent book of hers I have read is 'I've got your number', that left me with a smile on my face and laughing the whole way through! I'm a sucker for a happy ending; especially when they get the man of their dreams!
Must have read for all you shopaholics!
Ever wondered what its like to find a random phone?
At the moment I have been reading a lot of Lindsey Kelk's books, including her 'I Heart' series. I mean who wouldn't want to run away to New York when life gets hard? If your a fan of the Big Apple then read 'I Heart New York' it leaves you in awe of the city. I'm already planning my trip!! I got some inspiration to start my own blog from her books, maybe not giving out love advice just yet; we'll leave that to Carrie Bradshaw!

Must have read for all you Big Apple lovers!
I'll let you know of any other books I find!

Chloe x

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