My Adventures: Olympic Anniversary Games

I've not posted in a couple of days; been a mad week but I'm back and ready to blog!! 

Yesterday was defiantly a day to remember, I was lucky enough to go to The Olympic Anniversary Games and it was such an amazing experience! I can't believe it has been a year since the London 2012 Games, I can remember watching the Opening Ceremony and everyday wondering how many medals we would win. Yesterday I got to see the likes of Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah, all Olympic Gold Medalists!

There was so many different events going on at the same time; like to Women's Long Jump, 3000 m race, 100 m race and Womens Javelin, these just a few of the many athletic events going on.
The atmosphere was insane, every race the crowd was cheering and I was certainly on the edge of my seat when Mo Farah and Jess Ennis was racing!

My seats where right in front of the finish line so I had a pretty good view of the races that were happening! My favourite race was between Mo Farah's 3000 m or The Men's relay with Usain Bolt. When Mo Farah was running he was 4th place up until about the 3rd to last lap and then he picked up his pace and was ahead of the rest of the men at the end and of course...he won!! But when Usain Bolt especially was running he was like lighting, the relay consists of 4 men at different points on the track and they hand the baton to their team mate, when Usain Bolt took his baton he powered to the finish line and won of course!

I took quite a few pictures to share with you all, so here are a few...

Olympic Stadium
Jessica Ennis-Hill 100 m hurdles

Katrina Johnson- Thompson- Long Jump

Jess Ennis-Hill


Congratulations Katrina- Won the Women's Long Jump
The Man Usain Bolt!

Congratulations Mo Farah- Won the 3000 m race

Usian Bolt
Mo Farah 

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