My trip to Turkey

I recently got back from my holiday in Turkey! It was one the best holidays I have been on. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly and made you feel welcome. To say it was hot is an understatement; it was well into the 30's everyday but I caught a nice tan which I'm happy about! The annoying thing was that England also had glorious weather too but it was nice to come back to some more sun. Lots of British people I spoke to said that the English weather was too hot and unbearable; trust me you haven't seen nothing compared to Turkey. The downside to the hot weather is that it was so hot in the night, it was so hard to sleep in; think I only had a couple of good nights sleep where I didn't wake up sweating! I visited so many amazing places, including the beach and a few cute little villages; it was nice to see how other people live. I was going to do a boat trip to Kos for the day but seeing as it was a 4 hour journey each way, I thought I better rule that one out for the time being.

I really recommend Turkey if you want somewhere different. If you can cope with the hot weather then your love Turkey!

Chloe x

Gorgeous sunset.


Me and my Mumma.




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