Nail obsessed

If you know me I am obsessed with my nails. I have over 40 nail varnish colours in draw; my mum always says I could open a shop with the amount of bottles I have. Lots of people compliment my nails, saying 'how lovely they are', its the one thing I like about myself. I think I inherited my aunties obsession with nail varnish, considering she has 3 draws full. She took me to by first nail bar when I was about 11 and I loved it! I'm a regular customer in there now, the nail technician even knows how I like my nails to filed!
My favourite nail vanish brand is Nails Inc; yes they are more expensive than the highstreet but the shine on it is amazing and it makes your nails really strong, so if you suffer with brittle nails this product is the one for you! (I sound like I work for the company!) 
The thing I like about Nails Inc is that they name each of their nail polish's after a place in London. There are so many colours for the different seasons so there will sure to be a colour to suit your taste!
My favourite colours are Brook Street and Pudding Lane. What are yours? 
Brook Street

Pudding Lane

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