This month in pictures

So I have decided to do a blog every month on my favourite pictures I have found and taken.
The pictures will include celebrities, my adventures and some fashion!

Julianne Hough- Hairstyle I am getting next month

Shoe I found that was called Rochelle

Julianne Hough's figure
How Rochelle Humes has changed
Aston Merrygold as Michael Jackson

Katrina Johnson Thompson at the Anniversary Games

Mo Farah at the Anniversary Games

Usain Bolt at the Anniversary Games

Jessica Ennis-Hill at the Anniversary Games

Sunset in Richmond 
Rochelle Humes' first show back

Aston Merrygold at the Airport
Aston Merrygold

Sunset in Turkey

Me and My girls at prom
Relaxing on holiday

Me and My mum on holiday

Hope you all had a good month!
Chloe x

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  1. Ok you're new so here's my advice: your blog is lovely, but your pics are too tiny! Good images are very important! Learn how to use and crop them all to nice same size.
    Join Independent Fashion bloggers and get in as much info as you can. They're full of great advice!
    Keep it up.
    Adela x