My new hairstyle

Hi lovelies,

If you know me then your know I am obsessed with my hair. Over the years I've had different hair styles; from long to short, with a fringe and without!

Its taken me some time to decide which hairstyle suits me the best. Lots of people have commented about how I suit short hair better as I look more grown up and it suits the shape of my face. I always thought that I looked really young with long hair, especially with a block fringe.

I decided to have short hair because I saw Rochelle Humes had a bob and I really liked it so I thought I would experiment and see what it would look like.

Rochelle Humes

I used to have a bob where it was short at the back and was long at the front. I had that style for a couple of years but then I watched the film 'Safe Haven' and saw Julianne Hough's hair style and I really liked it. It was still in the style of a bob but with more layers. 

Julianne Hough
At the weekend I decided to go for Julianne's hairstyle and I'm really glad I did. I also had some highlights put into my hair (2 blondes and 1 brown).

My new hairstyle. 

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