My new obsession: Khloe Kardashian

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated my blog lately, I have been so busy but I'm back!

If you know me, I look up to a lot of celebrities for inspiration in fashion and beauty!
Lately I have been addicted to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is a fly on the wall series which see's The Kardashian family's day to day life. I have taken a shine to Khloe for her style and bubbly personality and of course as she has the same name as me!!

What I love about Khloe is her style, she is a tall woman who dresses very casually a lot of the time (which isn't a bad thing), she is just a genuine girl who is a really good role model to young girls as she doesn't dress over the top. I love the jeans she wears, they really bring out her gorgeous long legs and suit her height. The dresses she wears bring out her sexy curves and her stunning figure whether she wears tight or loose dresses, they all suit her.

I love Khloe's hair, over the years she has always had sleek long hair which looks in immaculate condition every time I see her. Most of the time she has it down, some of the time it is straight and other it has a little curl to the end. Lately I have noticed Khloe has put Ombre in her hair. She has dark hair anyways but it really suits her as her hair is long. The Ombre colour isn't drastic, you can just see a slight lightness to the ends.

If your a fashion lover then I recommend Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

Who is your favourite Kardashian sister?

Chloe x

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