My wish list: Michael Kors Handbags

Hi lovelies,

If you have read my previous blogs or you just know me as a person, then your know I love designer brands! I am not someone who can afford to buy designer clothes or bags but I do love to wish. I've blogged about shoes, so I thought I would share some of my favourite bags from the Michael Kors range. 

If you don't know Michael, he is an American fashion designer best known for his sportswear for women. His designs have been worn by people such as Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez.

I have picked out some bags that I love from his range. First up tote bags, I feel these are a must have in any girls wardrobe that can be used everyday. If your like me and carry a lot of stuff around then a tote bag is just what you need! I picked out the blue, black (studded), silver and white bags because they are colours that can be worn with so many outfits for any occasion, whether its for work, shopping or even college! My personal favourite is the royal blue option because its such a flattering colour which makes an outfit look sophisticated and chic.

I picked out a clutch bag because its a must have in any girls wardrobe. I love using them when I'm going out to dinner or to a party as I don't like carrying to much stuff with me and makes me scale down of what I put in my bag! The black studded option will go with any outfit: a dress, skirt, jeans, basically anything! I think the studs add a little bit of style to the bag and make it unique and trendy!

Also I picked the shoulder bags because they are big enough to go out shopping with but small enough to take out to party or dinner. My personal favourite is the leopard print because its very trendy and makes any outfit look chic. The colours in the print will make any outfit look flattering and will go with lots of colours. I am a huge fan of animal prints, especially leopard as it makes me feel sophisticated and a little bit sassy!

I hope that one day I will own a Michael Kors bag, like always I will keep you updated!

Do you own a Michael Kors handbag?
I'd love to hear your comments!

Chloe x

Interested in the Michael Kors range? Visit his website Michael Kors

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