What's in my bag?

I always love seeing what other people keep in their bag, so I thought I would do a post on what I put into mine. I've been excited to do this blog post for a while now, so here is what goes into my handbag!

Available at Ted Baker 

My handbag is from 'Ted Baker' (obvious I know). As a designer lover, I have always wanted to own a designer bag but could never afford one. My friend had this exact bag but in the bigger version and I knew I had to own one. It was coming up to my birthday and everyone wanted to know what I wanted (my Nan in particular) so I asked her if she would get me this handbag. I was so excited to pack everything into it and take it out with me. The bag was £29, I thought that was cheap for a designer bag. I own so many bags and love to have a change every now and then, this is the bag I am currently using. 

What do I put into my bag? 

Make up bag: I always pack this in my bag as I store my bronzer and eye liner in it, in case I need a make up touch up during the day. I also put in a pack of tablets for any emergencies. 
Hand cream: I always carry this around with me as my hands get very dry, especially in the winter. If I have been out on any walks or to the gym I like to use this on my hands to freshen them up! Vanilla hand cream available at The Body Shop
Glasses: It's pretty obvious why I carry these around with me.
Vanilla body spray: I like to freshen myself up during the day if I'm out for a long period of time. I love the smell of vanilla and it always reminds me of summer. Available at Boots
Sunglasses: I always carry these around with me, even during the winter. I like to look glamorous but its more 'I don't want my eyes to water and then have panda eyes'.
Mobile phone: I couldn't live without my phone. I take it everywhere with me. 
Tissues: Can't go wrong with a pack of tissues. Must have handbag essential. 
Lipstick: I always have a lipstick in my bag. Depending where I'm going will determine the colour I bring with me. I love to touch up my lipstick once or twice throughout the day and night. Rimmel lipstick by Kate Moss available at Boots.
Ipod: I love to have a bit of music to listen to, especially when I'm going on long journeys or if I'm on a train.
Lip balm: One of my beauty essentials; I seem to have dry lips a lot so this is a beauty saver. Coconut lip balm available at Next
Purse: I'm usually always going to need money when I'm out so I'm going to need a purse to store my cash and cards in. Available at Radley
Oyster card: This is an essential if I'm travelling on a bus. When I'm not using buses I store my train tickets and coupons in it because I will loose them in the bottom of my bag.
Compact mirror: This is perfect if I'm in the car or on a train and I need to apply some make up or to just see if I look presentable! 
House Keys: I'm going to need a way to let myself into my house!

That's all my essentials I carry with me! 

What do you store in your bag? 

Chloe x

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