Christmas Tag: How I spend my Christmas

Hey everyone,

I was reading some blog posts this morning and one caught my eye, it was a Christmas Tag that I saw on fab head to toe and I thought I would get in the festive spirit and do it. This is my first Tag I've done and I'm very excited. I wasn't tagged to do this but I thought the questions were really cute.
  1.  What are you usually up to on Christmas Eve? Well it's birthday on Christmas Eve so I usually go out with my family and friends for dinner and a few drinks to celebrate. I'm also making sure that all my Christmas wrapping is done for the next morning. 
  2. Who do you spend Christmas Day with? I always spend it with my mum and dad no matter what. Some years I spend it with my auntie but this year me and my family might go out to my 'Uncles' bar and have a few drinks to celebrate. (I wrote 'Uncle' like this because he isn't really my uncle but he's like one to me). 
  3. Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts? I would be lying if I didn't say that I don't enjoy receiving gifts but I also love giving gifts because I love the look on everyone's faces and I know that the hard work of choosing has paid off. 
  4. What does your outfit consist of on Christmas Day? I'm quite lazy on Christmas day and I usually stay in my pajamas and I don't put any make up on. This year as I'm going out I will wear a Christmas jumper (I'm hoping to get) jeans and some UGG boots with a small amount of make up. If I have time then I will put on my Hair Rehab London clip in pony tail.
  5. Do you enjoy shopping for your loved ones gifts? I LOVE it, lots of people I know hate the stress of the queues. I am a shopaholic anyways so it's just an excuse to go round shops and spend money. It can get stressful when a shop doesn't have a certain product that I want. 
  6. Have you ever received a gift that you disliked and pretended to like it? Yes I have; last year I received a scarf that wasn't really something I would wear. It was pink and woolly and was the complete opposite to what I usually wear. I ended up giving to my mum who got a lot of use out of it because she loves anything that will keep her warm.
  7.  What would your ideal Christmas be? It would be if all my family was together round the table celebrating Christmas. We usually spend it apart and meet up on Boxing Day or The Bank Holiday. 
  8. What is your least favourite thing about Christmas? That's a hard one because I love Christmas and the whole build up but I would say I hate the queues and when Christmas shopping especially when I go to London. I went to Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago and the crowds were crazy and you could just about move. 
  9. What is the best gift you have ever received? That's hard because I write a Christmas list (yes I still do it) and most of things I'd ask for I usually get from my family so everything I write on my Christmas list is the best thing I received. If I had to choose though then my GHD Straighteners I got last year, they saved my life because I don't have to spend as long on my hair anymore than I used to.
  10. Other than family, if you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? All my friends; I've never spent Christmas with them and I would love to spend it with them because I'd love to have a couple of drinks and a nice roast with them. I think playing some Christmas games with them would be hilarious. My best friends are like my family anyway. 
I hope you enjoy reading how I spend Christmas. I'm tagging anyone who is reading this and let me know if you do it. I'd love to read how you spend Christmas. 

Chloe x 


  1. Hey my birthday is on Christmas Eve as well :) I like it, I get to celebrate for about a week before my birthday sometimes I start celebrating 2 weeks before, going out with different groups of friends and family and then on my actual birthday I spend it going out with my hubby and we celebrate right into Christmas with the family. It's my fav time of the year.

    Stop by any time :)

    1. Aww yayyy; we're Christmas babies haha!! I do love this time of year; has that magical feeling about it x