Ideal Christmas Gifts: Nails Inc Party Ready Collection

Hey everyone,

I hope your all enjoying my Ideal Christmas Gift mini series.

So it's the party season and I'm sure lots of you are going to be celebrating Christmas and New Year in style. You may be going to a party or just want to feel fabulous and my way of doing this is painting my nails.

Now I haven't bought this collection but I watched QVC the shopping channel  and I thought this was the perfect gift for someone who loves to add a splash of colour to their nails (like me). It's called the 'Party Ready Collection' and it sure gets you in the party mood. There are 8 different colours available ranging from light matt to dark glitter, so there is something for everyone.

'Party Ready Collection' available from QVC. {£28.56}
I have tried lots of the Nails Inc colours and I have to say they are the best I have ever tried. The shine you get from the matt colours is amazing and I feel that they make your nails stronger as well. I usually apply about 2 coats which makes the colour more bold and it makes it last longer as well. The glitter range is my personal favourite because they make your nails look like their acrylics and the colours look so professional, like you have had a manicure at a salon. 

I think this gift is perfect for a daughter, friend, mum or just someone who enjoys painting their nails and adding a little bit of colour. They don't even have to be good at painting nails because the colours are so easy to apply. 

The collection is available just at QVC and the value for money is amazing because each bottle of nail varnish retails at about £11 each but sometimes more.

The colours in the collection are:
  • Kensington Church Street - white snowflake effect
  • Gloucester Walk - gold glitter effect
  • Chester Mews - rainbow galaxy effect
  • Marylebone Lane -  red glitter effect
  • Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat
  • Savile Row - deep glossy plum
  • Warren Street - deep teal cream
  • Markham Square - cream nude

Have you tried any of the Nails Inc range? 

Chloe x 


  1. I love nails inc!
    Love your blog so have followed :)
    Sarah xx
    check out mine?

  2. Aww thank you hun!! I've followed yours too x

  3. wow that is a really great price!i love nails inc-they are one of my favourite polish brands!:)x

    1. I agree; QVC always do amazing prices. I have countless numbers of Nails inc colours!!

      Thanks for reading x