My way of how to stay in shape

Hey everyone,

This is my second post of the day and I thought that I would blog about my workout and how I try to stay in shape. I would admit that I am not good at sticking to my plan but I do try and I am definitely not good at the whole healthy eating lark.
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I am one of the many women that wishes for the perfect body; nice size boobs and a small waist but let's face it, that's not gonna happen unless I workout a million times a week. I am someone who doesn't have the time for that and I know lots of other ladies don't either.

I am someone who doesn't go to the gym often because of the expense of it; if I could afford a monthly membership then I would jump at the chance. I feel these workouts are much more fun and the results are amazing.

EXERCISE is my first tip. Yes I know the horrible 'E' word but we need a way of staying in shape and I have a few ways of doing just that and making it fun at the same time. These are all workouts that I do every week.

Legs, Bums and Tums: I love this workout and I attend the class every week with my friend Nina at College. We start off by doing about 15 minutes of cardio, my instructor builds it up and your sweating by the end of it but it does work and it's good fun at the same time. After that we do some squats and I have never been in so much pain from them. But we all want results so no pain no gain right. We also do some ab and leg work which consists of sit ups and leg stretches. I am hoping to see some results as I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks.

Spinning: When I first heard about this I honestly thought it was a game not a workout class. It is my favourite workout because the results are amazing. It involves a spin bike and we do different exercises like normal cycling and sprint but my instructor makes it fun. She pushes us to the limit and I'm sweating by the end of the class but it is so worth it. Sometimes we do some ab work which includes sit ups and the planks and it is perfect for toning the stomach.

Aerobics: I attend a class at my local hospital and this is a good all round workout. It focuses on all parts of the body. We start off with about 30 minutes of cardio where we do interval training which includes some intense exercises and some slow exercises. After that we do some stretches which focus on toning the stomach and the legs. I love this class and I always feel refreshed once I have done it.

Ab workout: I don't go to a class to do this but I do at home, usually before I have a shower. I do several kinds of sit ups which help tone the stomach. I do this everyday and it includes:

  • 30x Crunches
  • 30x side crunches
  • 30x reverse curl 
  • 100x bicycle crunches 

It sounds hard and painful but I have noticed some amazing results and my stomach is more toned and I also feel good about myself.

BALANCED DIET is my second tip: It's true what they say about having a balanced diet, what it does to your healthy and well being. I am not someone who doesn't eat junk food because I couldn't live without a chocolate bar in my life. I eat breakfast every morning which usually consists of a bowl of cereal because I don't have time to make anything exotic. I try to eat at least a piece of fruit and some vegetables everyday.

DRINK WATER: They say your supposed to drink at least 2 litres a day but I try to drink at least 1 litre. I get really thirsty during the day so it's my perfect opportunity to drink as much water as possible. It helps you loose weight easier, you won't loose loads but every bit helps right. Water is also good for your skin and if your like me and suffer from oily or even dry skin then water is good for hydrating it.

What workouts do you enjoy?

Chloe x


  1. I don't mind working out but I prefer to do it at home ( we have a small home gym) rather than go to the gym because I just don't like the atmosphere for some reason lol. But I do have a gym membership and sometimes I go a lot and other times I fall off the wagon. I love hot yoga!

    1. I agree working out at home is better but I sometimes put it off saying 'I'll do it tomorrow'. I don't mind the gym though. I've never tried hot yoga but sounds fun. x