Nail Polish Of The Week: JLS nails

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I am going to the FINAL ever JLS concert (sob) and every time I go and see them I paint my nails their colours.

If you didn't know, each member has a specific colour; Aston: Blue, JB: Yellow, Oritse: Red and Marvin: Green. It's been something that's happened since the start.

The brands I used for each colour are:
Yellow: Miss Sporty
Blue: Nails Inc -The Serpentine
Green: Nails Inc- Spring Mews
Red: Nails Inc- Eccleston Mews

I never wear yellow but I bought it especially for a JLS show I went to about years ago. This is the 6th time I will be seeing them live, so I will post a blog dedicated to pictures from the night. (get ready for some topless ones ;)) 

What's been your favourite colour this week?
Chloe x 


  1. hope you enjoy the concert! can't wait to see the post x

    1. aww thank you hun; sure there's gonna be some tears x