Nail polish of the week: Supreme Shine Mink

Hey everyone,

So I was meant to do this post last week but I've been so busy with Christmas shopping and work that I completely forgot.

I'm going to start a series where I post different nail polishes I have been wearing during the week. This week I have been wearing a neutral colour called 'Supreme Shine Mink' by 17 which is available at Boots. I got this in a nail collection last year and I love the colour. Although it's very light, you can still notice the colour.

I used to wear this at school all the time because we weren't supposed to wear nail varnish but I always like to have a colour on my nails. I've been wearing this for about 5 days and it's only just started to chip, so I think that's pretty good seeing as it wasn't expensive.

I will be posting my nail polish of the week again on Friday. 

What's been your favourite nail colour this week?

Chloe x

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