St Ives: Renew & Firm Apricot Scrub

Hey everyone,

I'm someone who suffers from spots and I have very oily skin so for me exfoliating is very important. I've tried so many face scrubs but none of them have shown results and they can be very expensive. I recently bought the 'St Ives Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub' and I am in love with the results it has given me.

St Ives Scrub available at Superdrug {£2.13} 

The scrub gets rid of dead skin and I like to use it to take off my make up as it really gets into the paws. I firstly apply water to my face then I apply about a 2 pence piece size to each cheek of my face and to my forehead and wipe it off with a warm damp flannel.

The scrub isn't too scratchy like some and it acts as a moisturiser at the same time. The results it has on my skin is fabulous as it's so soft and smooth. If I wanted I could just have the scrub as my moisuriser but I use a cleanser as well before I go to bed to freshen up my skin. 

Have you tried the St Ives Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub?

What exfoliators do you recommend?

Chloe x  

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