The Winter Wonderland Tag

Hey everyone,

Seeing as it's a week Christmas I thought I would do another festive themed tag. I found this tag on Mallow Beauty Blog  and I was inspired to get involved.

  1. What winter holiday do you celebrate? In the UK we celebrate Christmas and I'm not sure if New Year counts but I sure do celebrate that!
  2. Which is the one item you hope to receive as a present for Christmas or another holiday? I know most of my presents that I am getting because my mum asked me to order them all because she knows I'm fussy! I'm hoping to get lots of MAC make up and as my birthday is on Christmas Eve I'm hoping to get a new pair of trainers! 
  3. Gingerbread Cookies or Candy canes? That's a hard one but I'll have to say Gingerbread cookies because I can never eat the candy canes haha!
  4.  Snowball fights or sledding? Again another hard one but probably sledding because it's less cold and sledding is much more fun; specially if there's a massive group of you!
  5. What is your go to winter outfit? I love a nice warm jumper and at the moment I'm a massive fan of the Christmas jumpers with all the patterns on. I live in my UGG boots too because they keep my feet nice and toasty. Team all that up with a pair of skinny jeans and your good to go. 
  6. What is your favourite winter/holiday make up items? I can't live without my foundation and concealer which I use to cover my spots up and give a bit of colour to my skin as my face is pale. I like adding a little bit of glitter too, especially to my nails which is what I'm hoping to do this year. I also love a bit of red lippy too which finishes off the festive look. 
  7. Does it snow where you live? It depends because I live near London so we can have spells of wintry weather where it snows a lot but it's hard to say when. I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year!
  8. What is your favourite Christmas/ holiday song? That's hard because I love so many Christmas songs but I always love hearing All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. If I had to choose a recent song then I love One More Sleep by Leona Lewis. 
  9. What is your favourite holiday movie? I don't really watch many Christmas movies but I love Home Alone. 
  10. What are your favourite holiday decorations? I love a good Christmas tree with tinsel and baubles with gorgeous twinkly lights! I've always got the Christmas tree lights on in my house. 
I hope you liked reading my post and I tag YOU to do this one. Let me know if you do it because I love reading all about your Christmas favourites. 

Chloe x 

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  1. absolutely love home alone! great post:-)