UPDATE: Next Blogger Network

Hey everyone,

Quick update for now, I'm part of the Next Blogger Network which I'm really excited about! It's a site where you can connect with other bloggers and find out the latest trends.

The badge is on my blog so by simply clicking on it, it will locate you to the website!

Are you part of the Next Blogger Network?

Chloe x


  1. Hi! How do you get the next button to appear on your blog because I just signed up? It says copy and paste the link, but where to? :/ xx

    1. If you go to the 'layout section' on your blog and click 'add gadgets' then there will be an option as you scroll down called 'HTML/ Java Script' if you copy the link in there it should add the next badge ti your blog! Hope this helps xx

  2. I'm part of it too! It's soo cool and I love next's clothes!


  3. Hello! Your blog is so cute, wanna follow each other? I follow back, xoxo*