Vaseline: Cocoa Resistant Vitalising Body Gel Oil

Hey everyone, 

I have wanted to try body oil for a while because I have heard great reviews and I watch a lot of the shopping channel where they advertise different oil products.
Cocoa Resistant Body Oil available at Superdrug {£2.33}

The one I picked up was the Vaseline so I thought it was a trusted range and it was also cocoa butter flavour and if you know me I love it. I had a shower then I put it onto my skin and I was in love. It’s not oil which leaves your skin feeling greasy but it left mine feeling moisturised and gave it a little glow. It would be perfect if you’re on holiday and you have a tan because it would leave your skin with a sun kissed finish.

I only used a 2 pence coin size because I didn’t want my skin feeling greasy but if your skin is very dry then your need a little bit more. I suffer with very dry legs especially in the summer from the heat and where I shave them a lot so this product would be perfect to keep my skin moisturised.

The product is perfect for winding down after a hot bath because it leaves your skin feeling refreshed but relaxed. I think the oil can be used on top of a moisturiser because I don’t like using much as I don’t like my skin feeling greasy, so a little bit of moisturiser and this cocoa butter oil and your skin will feel soft and smooth in no time.

The shop assistant even recommended this product to me so I was sure that this was the one. There were other options I could have gone for but because it was a cocoa butter flavour I couldn’t resist. It was £2.33 in Superdrug which I thought was a bargain but I did get it at a reduced price.

I’m someone who likes trying out new products, so next time I will try new oil but I’m sure that I will buy this product again in the future.

What oils do you like using on your skin? Have you tried any of the Vaseline products before?

Chloe x 

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  1. I've never seen these before - I never even knew Vaseline did body products, haha! xx
    Elise -

  2. This sounds really nice and at a bargain price, xoxo.

  3. looks really good :) have to try it in this crazy winter weather ! great review dear !! Would you like to follow each other :) xx

    1. aww thank you; it's really good. I've followed ya now xx

  4. Hi cutie :) thanks for following my blog !! I am following you back via GFC#8 its a pink flower Ambi page :) have a nice weekend my love !! xx

  5. Aww hey hun; thanks for following and I look forward to reading your future posts xx