G Baldwin & Co: Sample review

Hey everyone,

I was approached a couple of weeks ago about working with G Baldwin & Co and sampling some of their products. I was so happy because it was the first company that had emailed me about trying out a few samples since I've joined the blogging world. I had never heard of the brand before so I did a bit of research about them and found out that they were London's oldest and most established Herbalist and have only 1 shop which is located in South East London. They specialise in heath foods, skincare and Aromatherapy and many other categories.

The product I chose was Pomegranate, Bilberry & Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream as I have read many reviews about it, one being in Stella magazine. 
Rejuvenating Day Cream {£11.95} 
I have been looking around for a suitable day cream for a while and have been using many different brands in the past. This day cream has a blend of honeybush tea, green tea and white tea which gives the cream a gorgeous and refreshing fragrance and it also helps to protect the skin. It has many different seed and fruit oils which leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. I feel that it is a great base for applying foundation because it goes on more even and is easier to apply. I used a one pence piece on each section of my face because it's fairly thick but doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. I used the moisturiser over my cleanser as part of my morning routine and there is a night cream available to use in the evenings which you can find here

The day cream is priced at £11.95 which isn't too expensive for a professional product which you know will treat the skin. You can find the day cream on their website.
Rejuvenating day cream 
I also got sent some Harmonising Bath Oil which I wasn't expecting. I've never thought of using bath oils before but I think I've found a new product I like because the oils really relax you especially if your stress or had a tough day. There is a huge lavender presence when you first smell the oil which I was a bit skeptical about because I'm not usually a lavender lover but I found the fragrance to be really relaxing and soothing when I poured it into the bath and took in all the aromas. I used about a cap and half of the oil because it is quite strong and too much can give me a headache. I've only used it once as I received the products last week but I'm going to make it a weekly routine to use this oil. You can find the full size oil here which retails at £7.39.
Harmonising bath oil {7.39} 
The company also sent me a jute bag with all the companies logo on it and I used it when I went food shopping and I found it to be very sturdy and strong. There was a catalogue with all the products that G Baldwin & Co sell which I will have a read of. 

I am so happy that I was approached by Alicja and asked if I would review a few of G Baldwin & Co products. I can safely say that I'm very happy with the brand and I know that I will be buying more of their products again in the future. 

Have you tried any of the G Baldwin & Co range? 

Chloe x 


  1. I've never tried the G Baldwin range before, but I am always on the look out for new products so I'll have to try them!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers | UK Beauty Blog

  2. I've used their toner and bath & body oils. Great review x

    1. I've never tried those! Really love the brand. Thanks for reading x