MAC Lipstick Review: Creme Cup

Hey everyone,

Since becoming a blogger I have been obsessed with MAC make up and find it is the best brand that I have used. Although it can be expensive I like to think of it as an investment because it gives me and even coverage and the products tend to last most of the day.

For Christmas I got a MAC lipstick that bloggers have been raving about. The colour I chose was Creme Cup because it tends to be the most popular from the blogs I have read. I chose the colour as I loved the shade, not knowing that it was Creme Cup and I was so happy that it was when I read the bottom of the lipstick.

I tend to wear this lipstick as an everyday shade; for college and going out with my friends but I sometimes wear it for special occasions like a New Years party for example. I love how it's not a bright shade but it just adds a little bit of colour and luster to the lips. I would best describe this as a nude candy floss pink and can be worn by anyone.

It has a creme sheen formula in it so it moisturises the lips whilst leaving a gorgeous shine to them at the same time. I sometimes don't even need to put a lip balm on before this because it leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. The colour lasts for a couple of hours and doesn't need too many coats each time. I love how easy this lipstick glides onto the lips and the taste isn't too bad either (not that I'm saying you should eat it haha).

This is a lipstick that I would highly recommend to someone who just wants that extra bit of colour to their lips.

Have you tried the Creme Cup shade before?

Chloe x


  1. This is my favourite MAC shade, I also love Snob which is a slightly brighter pink!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I've read about that one too!! Thanks for the suggestion x :-)

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    1. Yayyy glad ya like it and thanks for reading x :-)