MAC Studio Fluid Fix Foundation Review

Hey everyone,

I have tried so many different foundations in the past and none of them live up to this one. It has to be the best I've ever used! I've been wanting to try this for a while and I was so happy when I got it for my birthday!

You may think why is this foundation so special? Well it gives me a matt finish when I apply it in the morning and tones down the shine I have on my face. I suffer from oily skin and it's the worst on the t-zone part of my face. Lots of foundation's I've used have made the shine on my skin worst whereas this tones it down.

I've mentioned before that I suffer with spots and this foundation really conceals it. I still use concealer but not as much as before because the foundation hides my breakouts. The foundation lasts all day so there is no need to re apply which is great for me because I'm not a fan of carrying loads of make up around with me, though I do carry a concealer just to touch up.

The colour I went for was C3.5 (weird they go with numbers I know). I went darker than my natural skin tone because I like to add a little bit more colour to my face as I'm quite pale. The foundation cost £21.50 which is quite expensive but I only need to use a little bit so this will last me a fair few months so I won't need to buy a new bottle for a while.

Have you tried any of the MAC foundations?

Chloe x


  1. I haven't tried this foundation, but thanks for the review, I may give it a go.

  2. The only foundation I've tried is the Select SPF, and I am not a fan! I may have to give this one a try though! Great post!

  3. I have never in my life used foundation but I so want to try this one!


    1. This is a great one to try...expensive for your first one but so worth it xx