My Daily Make Up Essentials

Hey everyone,

I've read a lot of blog post about their ‘Everyday Make up Regime’ and I thought that I would have a crack at it.

I tend to change the make-up products I use on my skin from reviews I read and adverts I have seen. I love trying out different ranges to see what works best for me. I haven’t quite perfected my make-up regime but I’m getting there.
My make up essentials 
I thought I would include the moisturiser I use as well which is either Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream or Olay Everyday Sunshine (Light).  It depends if I want to add a bit more colour to my face or not and if I do then I will use the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream which I have recently reviewed.

Face: I recently got a new foundation for my birthday which I have been wanting for a while now and that is MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I know it is not very affordable but it does the trick as I suffer with breakouts and oily skin. I will be reviewing this product in the coming weeks so check back soon. I used to use a powder on top of my foundation because it left my skin with a glow but now I’m using the MAC foundation I don’t need a powder which is even better for my skin. I couldn't live without my concealer (it’s one of my must have make up products). I use Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer (Light). I prefer this one than to the pencil ones because it’s easier to rub into the skin and I feel it conceals my breakouts better. This one cost me £2.99 which is another beauty bargain!  I also got another MAC product for Christmas which was the Powder Blush in Trace Gold. I picked it as one of my ‘Beauty Favourites from 2013’ because it’s the best blush I've ever used. I can’t use pinky blushers because it makes my skin look like its burnt so I stick to bronze shades. This great to add to your cheeks if you don’t want to full face of make up on and I sometimes put this on top of the Nivea Tinted Moisturiser to add a little bit of colour. It has a little shimmer to my cheeks and it doesn't leave me looking orange. This was £18 so it wasn’t a cheap product but I like to think of it as an investment!

Eyes: Again I tend to change the products I use on my eyes and how much I apply. I used to go through a phase of putting eye liner under and on my lip; I went for the dramatic look but it was too time consuming. I now just use a pencil eye liner under my eyes which is MUA Pencil Eye Liner Jet Black. This was only £1 which I thought was a BARGAIN and it even has its own pencil sharpener on the lid. I usually buy the mascara that are on offer but there are some that I won’t be using again. At the moment I am using Little Mix By Collection: Jesy’s Volumising Mascara which I LOVE. I tried some of the other products from the Little Mix range and I really liked them so I thought that I would try the mascara which was only £2.99. You can read my full review here

Brows: I've only been doing my eye brows for about 2 years and my first eye brow pencil was the one that my mum gave me and it’s the best one I've ever used. At the moment I am using a Maybelline pencil which has a lovely colour but as the pencil is so soft it gets blunt very quickly and that’s the downfall to it. The first one I tried was by Rimmel and it was the best I've used and after I've finished the Maybelline one I’m using now I will defiantly be going back to the Rimmel one.

Lips: I wasn’t sure whether to add this section in as I don’t always use lipsticks or glosses everyday but the majority of the time I do. The one I love to use is MAC (yes another one) Crème Cup. I've read so many blogs in the past that have all recommended this one as an everyday colour and I couldn't agree more. It has a pinky tone to it but it’s not a bright shade and just adds that kissable effect to my lips (cliché I know). I also use the Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss on my lips before I put the colour on because my lips get dry in the mornings and have foundation all over them. I reapply this throughout the day and I couldn't live without it.

What are your everyday make up essentials?

Chloe x 


  1. It's definitely great to be a girl. I use baby lips too.


  2. I just love baby lips :) great post xx

  3. i love baby lips!
    I wish I did half the things you do! I need a routine! Haha! i feel like a noob


    1. Aww thanks hun!! I've only started doing it since I've been a blogger xx