Storage Solutions: Nail Varnishes

Hey everyone,

I am a lover of nail varnishes and have a few too many (50 to be exact). I keep them all in my wardrobe and they were all getting cluttered. I was inspired when I saw a picture on Instagram from Una Foden and she had stored all her nail polishes in a little box. It instantly made me want one but all the ones that suited me came in a set of 6 and I only wanted one.

I found a storage box in Store Twenty One and it stood out for me because it had a cute pattern on it which was quirky but suited me quite well. I was a normal storage box which could be used for anything I guess like Stationary or stocks of makeup.

I didn't realise how many bottles of nail polish I had until I emptied it on my bed and counted the number of bottles that I had. Before I threw some away I had well over 50 bottles but lots of them had dried out and were no use to me anymore.

Things like these really come in handy if you have a lot of clutter like I do. I have a basket for all my beauty essentials which I will be reviewing soon.

I think I will need to be getting another one of these boxes because I have seen some new nail colours from blogs I’ve been reading and the box I bought yesterday is already full to the top! 

What are your storage solutions?

Chloe x 

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