30 Day Ab Challenge

Hey everyone,

This is my 100th Post; I can't believe I have blogged that many times!! Thank you all soooo much for your support and lovely comments, I couldn't have done it without you. I can't wait for this year and for what it holds for me.

Anyways back to the post; I have started the 30 day ab challenge and I have been loving it. I am on day 19 and it's getting VERY hard.

The challenge includes sit ups, crunches leg raises and a timed plank. All of the different exercises perfect for toning the stomach. I am always trying different workout regimes which focus on my stomach but this one also helps my legs too.

I am not trying to loose weight but I wanted to get rid of the little bits around my stomach and on my legs. I like to start in advance for the summer because I always find it hard to get motivated and keep the exercises up.

I recently mentioned I am taking part in the 30 day fat burn challenge which blogged about a couple of weeks ago. To read a full review about that then check it out here. 

It doesn't take me long to do the exercises, about 5 minutes or so. At first it seems like it is very easy but as the days go on it gets very hard. It starts off to be about 10 sit ups and 5 crunches with a 20 second plank but by the end your abs will be burning and you will see a difference. I probably won't stop after the challenge is finished but it's great if your someone who doesn't like the gym.

Have you tried the 30 Day Ab Challenge?

Chloe x