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I am continuing the 'Beauty Budget Buys' series with Make up. I was going to it all in one post but I have too many products to talk about so I'm going to split it up in categories starting with the face. I watch so many make up tutorials but lots of the girls use very expensive products and not all of us have that sort of a budget so I picked out my favourite high street make up products for the face.

We all need a good foundation that is going to provide us with coverage but I know some of you ladies are lucky to have such a flawless complexion that you don't need make up but for those of us that do here is my top buys from the high street:

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation {£8.99}: This has to be my favourite high street foundation just because it provides me with such a great coverage and has that hint of shimmer that provides me skin with a little bit of a glow. I have heard so many great reviews about this one so if your starting out then be sure to grab this one.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation {£6.99}: This was my first Rimmel Foundation that I ever used and I really liked it. It provided me with an even coverage and took away some of the shine from my face. This a great one if your just starting out with make up because it's not too expensive and works well on most skin types.

Here are a couple of other foundations which I haven't tried but have heard great reviews about:

I have become an avid fan of powders and I use them all the time on top of my make up and I would highly recommend them especially if you have oily skin but don't feel you have to. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation {3.99} This has to be the BEST powder I have ever used and all the reviews I have read praise this product. I love it because it tones down the shine on my face after I have applied my foundation and it also sets my foundation so it lasts longer. This product is so cheap too so your not losing out. 

Maxfactor Creme Puff {£5.99}: This was the first powder I ever used and I first tried my aunties who still uses it now. It seems weird but this one has the nicest smell and it seemed to set my foundation after I used it. The best thing is that it came with a powder puff too so no need to go buying one! 

Collection Pressed Powder {£1.99}: I got this powder on the spare of the moment because they didn't have the one I wanted. I did like this one and it did set my foundation however I'm not sure I would use it again but it was cheap and did the job I wanted it to. 

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer {£2.99}: I am currently using this concealer and I really like it because it hides my spots and dark circles under my eyes. I don't always use concealers but when I'm having a bad day it's my go to product to my make my skin look more alive. 

Here are a couple of other concealers which I have read great reviews about:
Collection Lasting Perfection

Rimmel Soft Blush {£3.99}: I've never been a fan of blushes because they make my face look too pink but since trying this one I have been converted. It gives me a soft colour to my cheeks and a healthy glow and has to be my favourite blusher ever. 

Here is another blush which I haven't tried but have heard lots of great reviews about:
Sleek Blush {£4.49}

Rimmel Sun {£4.99} My mum first used this and when I tried it I fell in love. This is a product that I love using in the summer when I have a tan because it gives me more of a glow and a nice shimmer to my cheeks.

Miss Sporty Oh So Tan {£3.99}: I am using this at the moment for contouring and it does the trick. It really highlights my cheek bones and my blush goes on really well over the top. On the other hand I have used this as a bronzer and it gives me a subtle colour to my cheeks.

Here is another bronzer which I have read great reviews about:
Maybelline Dream Skin {£5.99}

Have you tried any of these products?

Chloe x

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