London Shopping Haul

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I went to London with my mum which resulted in a MASSIVE spending spree, luckily what I bought wasn't too expensive. It's not so bad now because I have got the job that I applied for which I'm happy about!

Anyways I thought I would share what I bought with all of you. I bought some make up (not that I needed any) and some clothes and shoes (oops).

3 for 2 Make Up offer available from Boots.

I  went to boots in need of a new make up brush and some powder but I then realised that they had a 3 for 2 offer on ALL make up products and beauty accessories so I also bought my mum some new foundation (I'm a lovely daughter).

Stay Matte Foundation (Silky Beige) £3.99: I love this powder but I haven't used it in a while so when I got my last pot out I had nearly finished it so I bought a new one. I've read so many amazing reviews about it and watched lots of make up tutorials with it being featured. It's a really affordable product and it sets my foundation really well with it being easy to apply my blusher.

Loreal True Match Foundation (Vanilla) £9.99: This isn't actually mine, I bought it for my mum as part of the offer but it's a product that I want to try so I may have to use some instead of the one I am using now. I've read a couple of reviews with bloggers praising it so I'll ask my mum if she liked it.

ecoTools Tapered Blush Brush £7.99: I've been in need of a new blusher/powder brush for a while so I went on a hunt for one and I found this one. I used it this morning to apply my blusher and powder and it's so soft on my skin. It applies my blusher really well without it going streaky. It's on the expensive side but it's worth it if it's going to apply my make up better.

I then went to Beauty Base which is a shop that sells about every perfume you can think of. I forgot that they sold make up too so when I saw these 2 make up products I couldn't resist.
Make up Selection available from Beauty Base.

L.A Colors Eyeshadow (Tea Time) 99p: Your probably thinking that because it's so cheap the product is going to be rubbish but it's NOT. I used one of the colours this morning about they go on really well. They each have a shimmer to it and the palette is all neutral colours which I'm a massive fan of.

L.A Colors Eyeliner (Black) 99p: Again this is a cheap product but it works wonders. I used this on my eyelid to make a small winged eye effect. The brush is a little bit thicker than I hoped but it still goes on really well and doesn't smudge.

Dress available from Forever 21 {£9.75}

I couldn't go to London without going clothes shopping. I got this dress from Forever 21 for £9.75 which is such a BARGAIN. Forever 21 is one of my favourite shops because they have such a variety of clothes depending on the occasion. They have lots of Floral and Pastel prints in at the moment which I'm so happy about and this dress caught my eye because it's so feminine and can be worn for so many different occasions. 

Sandals available at Primark {£4}

I had to go to Primark seeing as it's 3 floors at Westfield. They are starting to get their Spring/Summer collection in now and I saw these Sandals which I was hunting around for all last year. I thought I would get them now in case they magically sold out. They can be worn with so may different outfits so I will be living in these in the warmer weather. They were £4 so I think I will be getting them in other colours too!

So as you can see I went a bit crazy yesterday and bought a lot! I will be reviewing a few of these products in the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

What have you been buying lately?

Chloe x 


  1. You should do a review on the Eco Tools brush I've always wanted to try them out :)

    beauty by alicee <3

  2. Gorgeous dress! I'm really craving for a London trip, so I can't help but envy you a little ;) Cheap makeup doesn't have to mean bad makeup! I found some crazy cheap things in Thailand as well, and some of them might be among the best I've ever tried!

    1. Aww thanks hun!! Cheap make up is the best though xx

  3. The dress from Forever 21 is so cute and such a bargain! xx