'Shop my stash' #1

Hey everyone,

I am a lover of make up and I love trying different brands however I'm someone that doesn't use much up unless it is an essential like foundation or mascara.

I have watched lots of Youtube videos and read posts from fellow bloggers about this topic 'Shop My Stash'. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically where you try and use up any make up or beauty products (or whatever else you choose) that you have bought in the past. It's a great way if your like me and you spend a lot of money on make up to save some.
I have been hunting through my make up stash and I've found lots of different goodies that I want to use again. However there is so much that I'm going to split it up into a couple of posts so it doesn't get too long and boring to read. 

Firstly I have chosen some Benefit Lip glosses which I got for my birthday about 3 years ago. I went through a stage of using them all the time and wearing them for everything but I then bought new lipsticks and glosses which I was obsessed with so these went in my make up stash. I only found them the other week and forgot how much I loved them. I got 3 lipgloss sticks but essentially there was 6 colours because each wand had 2 colours. There was one for practically every occasion as there is a bright fuchsia pink, gold, a light pink and a taupe colour. I like to wear them on their own for college and when I'm going out I like wearing them over a lipstick to give that more dramatic look.

I also found an eyeshadow palate which I got quite a while ago too. I got it from Next a few years ago and that was when I had just started wearing make up. It had 3 eyeshadows, a lip colour and a blush and you could create a natural gold look which I always like wearing. I'm don't buy many eyeshadows but I have been using this one a lot to create a natural look for college. This was only £3 so it was a bargain for what I got.

I found so many other goodies I want to share with you but I will leave that for another post.

Have you tried any of the products I have talked about? What things have you found in your stash?

Chloe x