How I clean my make up brushes

Hey everyone,

It's the Easter Holidays and I'm lucky enough to have a nice relaxing 2 weeks break so I'm hoping to post a lot more whilst I'm off.

This is a post that I haven't seen that much and I think it's quite important. Keeping your make up brushes is really important because dirt, oil, excess make up and even bacteria can get trapped in the bristles and it leads to breakouts on your skin which I know we all want to try and avoid. Also I find that with not washing my brushes the bristles can become hard and it affects how my make up goes onto my skin especially my blush and powder. Good quality brushes can be expensive so why buy new ones when a simple clean every month can keep the bristles in good condition.

Cleaning your brushes is quick and easy which can be done once a month. I like to use baby shampoo to clean mine because it's really gentle on the bristles and leaves them feeling soft however there are lots of other make up brush cleansers including the MAC version. You'd think that the shampoo wouldn't get rid of make up and dirt but it does really well.

You will need:
  • Bowl of lukewarm water
  • Baby Shampoo or make up brush cleaner
  • Cloth or Towel

Follow this simple step by step guide to make your brushes as good as new: 

  1. Lay out all your brushes and let the clean up begin!
  2. Fill up a bowl of lukewarm water and dip the brushes into the water, getting rid if any excess make up. I usually only dip the heads of the brushes in because it can weaken the bristles. 
  3. Pour a small amount of shampoo or brush cleaner onto your hands and rub together to create a lather. Then swirl the brush on your hands to get rid of all the dirt (you will see all the excess make up come of of your hand straight away). 
  4. Begin to rinse the shampoo off the brush by dipping it into the bowl of water. I usually finish rinsing the brushes under some running water to make sure that all the make up has come off. 
  5. Place the brushes on a cloth or towel (I usually use a flannel) and leave to dry. I tend to leave mine over night to make sure the brush has dried thoroughly.
There you have it, I hope this post has helped you with finding a way to clean your make up brushes.

How do you tend to clean your brushes?

Chloe x


  1. You are so correct on how important it is to clean your makeup brushes, I have a blog post on a great cleaner I found not only to clean my brushes but also my beauty blender.

    1. I will take a look at your post!! Thanks for reading :-) x

  2. Great tips. Thanks!