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Hey everyone,

I suffer from dry skin especially on my legs and I want a body lotion that's going to moisturise my skin and relieve dry skin. Palmers Cocoa butter does just that and it's my favourite body moisturiser.

Palmers is the number 1 cocoa butter in the UK and I can see why. The lotion is rich in pure cocoa butter and Vitamin E which is used to smooth and soften dry skin. I use this after my shower and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the smell is sweet like chocolate (I can't get enough). I love to use this as an after sun when I've been in the sun all day as it stops my skin from peeling from all the moisture that is packed in the lotion. This works on any skin whether it is sensitive or oily.

Available at Boots {£3.99}
I also picked up the concentrated version which to be honest is no different from the original. The only difference is that the cream is thicker and more richer so it will be perfect for very severe dry skin. It is in a handbag size form so you can take it anywhere and keep your hands moisturised where ever you are. I like to use this one on my feet when my heels are very dry because it has that extra moisture built in.

Available at Boots {£2.13} 

Have your tried any of the Palmers range?

Chloe x

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  1. I love the palmers range! They're such amazing moisturisers and the smell its soo lovely!
    Jess x x
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