Storage Solutions: Make up and Brushes

Hey everyone,

Since becoming a blogger I have bought a lot of make up especially lipsticks. I've found both make up bags have been filling up so I needed a bigger and better make up storage.

I've been looking for a clear make up storage case like many fellow bloggers have but I couldn't find one that suited me. I was in Store Twenty One and I found this cute little storage box for my make up and I saw this cup holder which I think is supposed to be for your bathroom or a candle holder (not too sure) but I bought it to hold all my brushes.

I love this make up storage box because it's not to big that I can't put it anywhere in my room but it has enough space to store all my make up. It has such a pretty floral print on the box and the colours go really well with my room too. It has 3 draws which means I can separate my eye make up, face make up and lipsticks.For only £3 I thought this was a bargain and is the cheapest storage box I've found. This can be used for jewellery, hair accessories, stationary, craft or whatever else you can think of; it's so versatile. I've found I can fit so much more in the draws which means my collection is going to keep on growing. 

I've always stored my brushes in make up bags but I found that it seems to flatten the heads and ruin the bristles because they get caught in the zips.

This pot caught my eye straight away because it's so simple but elegant with the cut out hearts. At first I thought it was going to be too small and not fit all my brushes in but it was the perfect fit with space left. It sits proudly on my dressing table and I have so much more room in my make up bag now so fitting it in my handbag or suitcase is so much more easier. However this could be used a votive candle holder or toothbrush holder in the bathroom. This was priced at £1.99.

My make collection has become so much more organised an you can see how I stored all my nail varnishes here.

How do you store your make up?
Chloe x 


  1. The storage box is so pretty. I'd buy one straight away if they had an online store.

    1. aww glad ya like them!! I know they have an website but not sure if you can order from there x

  2. Thank you for following me on bloglovin! Love your blog! xo, Katy