Beauty Budget Buys: Make Up- Eyes

Hey everyone,

I haven't posted about my beauty budget buys in a while. I thought that I would talk about my favourite drug store brands for the eyes. I'm not someone who uses eye products that much; I usually just use a mascara but for a special occasion like to make an effort.

I feel that a make up look isn't completed without a mascara just because it makes the eyes stand out even if your not going to apply an eye shadow or liner.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex {£6.99}: This has to be my favourite mascara that I've tried because it gives the lashes a lot of volume and makes the eyes really stand out. I have quite long lashes so this mascara makes them look like i have fake lashes on so I sometimes don't even have to wear eyeliner because my lashes really stand out.

Maybelline Great Lash {£4.99}: I am currently using this mascara and it was also the first one that I ever bought. This still remains one of my favourites because it gives a really natural look so if your someone who doesn't want their lashes to stand out then this is the one. I love this one also because it comes in a waterproof option meaning that the mascara lasts even longer in the day and I'm someone that doesn't like carrying too much make up with me.

Barry M Modelling Mascara {£6.19}:  I have also tried this mascara before and I did like using it. It wasn't one of my personal favourites but it did the job in giving me long lashes that look natural. I liked the brush to this one because it spread out my lashes really nicely and not making them look clumpy.

Little Mix By Collection: Jesy's Volumising Mascara {£2.99}: I bought this when I was in desperate need for a mascara and I'm so glad I did. I bought this a couple of times and it really did the trick of volumising my lashes but giving me a natural look. I thought this wasn't going to be as good because of the price but if your looking for a really cheap mascara then this is the one.


MUA Liquid Eyeliner {£1}  This has to be my favourite highstreet eyeliner because it provides an even coverage on the eye and I can do a thin(ish) line across the lid. It gives me a jet black finish so I can go for the more dramatic look if I want to. For a pound it really does the trick. It wouldn't last the whole day but for a night out it does the trick.

Rimmel Soft Khol Pencil {£2.99}: This was the first eyeliner I ever bought and I still love it. It's so easy to apply especially on the waterline I like using it for blending to create that smokey eye look. I wouldn't say this is good for applying to the top of the eyelid because it can smudge but it's good for making a base line for applying liquid eyeliner.


Little Mix By Collection: Jesy's Trio {£3.19}: I really like this palate because the colours are really easy to wear everyday. I like neutral colours and this palate gives me just that but I can also create more dramatic looks too.

Next Golden Look {£3}: I'm not sure if they still make this palate but this has to be my favourite because it gives me a really natural look. I like to create a more dramatic look with the darker shades for a night out. This palate goes a long way too because I haven't made a dent in any of the shades. I haven't got a link for this but I'm sure if you go into a Next store then your find it.

What are your favourite highstreet brands?

Chloe x


  1. I love bargain buys! I always use drugstore mascaras and concealers :) xx

    1. I love them too!! Thanks for reading xx