Meet The Vamps Album Review

Hey everyone,

I've just realised that I've not done a music post in a while so I thought I had to talk about this album.

The Vamps; a pretty famous name seeing as they've not been in our lives for very long (less than a year I think) but they have been very popular with the ladies and guys too. With 3 top 5 singles and an album charting at number 2 I think that's pretty good seeing as they've only been on the scene for 1 year.

I had to see for myself what all the fuss is about and I now know why; their music is so CATCHY! I've been listening to the album and their covers for the past week non stop; whenever I get a chance to put my earphones in and block the world out I jump at the chance.

The boys have written a lot of the songs on the album which is something that I love artists doing; especially when their starting out. There are lots of different songs on the album from ballads to catchy up beat tracks. All the tracks have that acoustic feel to them which is one of my favourite genres at the moment.

My favourite songs on the album have to be Somebody To You, Smile, Love Struck and Last Night.

I'm so excited to hear what the next single is going to be from the album and I'm excited about the music the boys bring out in the future.

Have you bought 'Meet The Vamps'?

Chloe x

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