Nail Polish of The Week: Barry M: Superdrug 50th Birthday Edition

Hey everyone,

It only feels like a couple of days ago that I did a NPOTW post but I thought I would do another one today!

The one I have been loving at the moment is the Barry M limited edition for Superdrug's 50th Birthday. Like Barry M lots of make up brands have teamed up with Superdrug to celebrate their birthday. Superdrug are my favourite drug store so I was so excited when Barry M bought this gorgeous nail polish out.

It is a fuchsia pink colour with glitter particles which is very suitable for Superdrug and this colour caught my eye straight away; if any of you know me then I LOVE glitter so I had to have this. What I love about this colour is that it isn't too glittery that it looks over the top so it can be worn for so many occasions. It is the perfect glamorous colour but can easily be worn everyday (which is what I did). 

The other upside to this polish is that it wasn't impossible to take off (like some nail varnishes) but it was harder than the standard Barry M colours (though glitter usually is). I'm not usually a pink person but this nail colour wasn't too over the top so I will be wearing it again.

Happy Birthday Superdrug!!

What's been your nail polish of the week?

Chloe x


  1. Hey Chloe :) its your fav, Zahra <3 xx loved this nail varnish and i actually went out to buy it :) xx good blog :) xx

    1. Hey hun; ahhh glad you liked it!! Thanks for reading my lovely xxx