Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Hey everyone,

I've only recently tried this primer which is a first for me because I've always seen them as a waste of time; just another layer on the skin. BUT I was proved wrong with this primer.

Available from Superdrug {£5.99}

I've heard a lot about this primer in magazines and on other blogs so I thought I would give it a try. When it was said that the primer was perfect for oily skin I couldn't give it a miss.

A primer is something you can put under or on top of make up and it aims to reduce the appearance of pores which for some of us can be a lot. This primer also helps to minimise oilyness on the skin to give that matte complexion so if your looking to wear this on it's own or with make up, it's gonna work either way.

I suffer from very oily skin especially on my T-Zone so this primer really does the trick especially with the amount of creams I apply. I like to put this under my make up just after my moisturiser and it really helps to keep my make up looking fresh for that bit longer.

The bottle may look quite small but a little goes a long way; you only need a 1 pence piece for each section of the skin. The primer is a very light formula so it isn't going to feel heavy on the skin which I know I hate.

There are many other primers available so I hope to try some others soon.

Have you tried the Stay Matte Primer?

Chloe x

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