Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Blemish Stick

Hey everyone,

I have mentioned in many past posts that I suffer with spots (typical teenage skin) and I will do anything to get rid of them. I have tried so many different products which I have seen results but only temporary. I was shopping in Boots (I seem to live there) and I noticed their Tea Tree collection which I've heard is amazing for oily skin. I saw a couple of products one being the Blemish Stick which automatically made me thought 'this is for spot prone skin' and that is exactly what it was for.

Available at Boots {£2.59}
The Blemish Stick is made to fight spot causing bacteria and will help clear spots and blemishes instantly. I thought for £2.59 I had to try it. Okay so I didn't see results straight away but after about 4 days I noticed my skin was clearer and looked more healthy. My spots haven't completely cleared but that is typical teenage skin for you. I'm finding now I don't have to apply as much concealer which is even better for my skin as I'm not putting as many products on.

To apply the product onto the skin you wind the blemish stick and just roll the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel onto the spot prone areas. I like to apply this after my moisturiser so that it sits better on the skin and I usually apply this both morning and night for maximum results.

I'm sure there are more effective products out there which totally gets rid of spots but at an affordable price I would really recommend this product.

Have you tried any of the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range?

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  1. Great review. the product sounds interesting as I have dark spots too. Sounds good. You have a lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other via gfc?