Weights Are My New Best Friend

Hey everyone,

I have become a bit of a fitness addict over the last couple of months and I've never felt better in myself. I've never been over weight but I will admit I've always been a bit of a couch potato and I know that I needed to step up my exercise regime.

I've started to use weights which I know a lot of women think is ridiculous because all they do is bulk you up. Well WRONG...they don't do that at all unless you eat loads of protein and train with intense weights. I've noticed my arms have become so much more toned and have got more definition. My arms were very skinny and I had no muscle what so ever so I tried the whole weight lifting lark and I've seen such an improvement.

I train with 3kg so not very heavy but I would say if your not used to weights then start off with 2kg and build up from there. I do simple arm exercises like shoulder presses, lateral raises and bicep curls and I usually do about 10 repetitions of each.

Weights are perfect for weight loss because you build up muscle rather than fat and it's also amazing for toning different parts of the body. I use weights for doing ab exercises and it's my favourite sort to train with and I've noticed massive results. I am not muscly at all but I feel so much more toned and confident in myself.

If your looking to tone up or loose weight then try lifting weights I'm sure you will see amazing results.


  1. I'm thinking of adding some weights to my work outs. I've got some ankle weights but I might need to try lifting some to tone my arms more.


    1. They are the best for weight loss and toning x

  2. Good job for you. I know working out sometimes is such a drag and the thought of it makes me so lazy but once I start it, I just keep going. I don't do weights though, but thinking of trying it. I've been doing yoga to strengthen my shoulder. I kind of got into a little accident while playing badminton about a year ago and it feel so weak ever since then. I think starting on weights will help strengthen it.


    1. Aww Yoga sounds amazing; really want to get into it. I hope your shoulder is okay and start off with light weights and build them up x