MAC Mineralize Skinfinish {Soft & Gentle}

Hey everyone,

I've never really been one for highlighters just because I thought they were a waste of time as I never really knew what they did. However since getting into experimenting more with make up and watching more tutorials I have seen what they can do to your skin.

I did try the MUA highlighter a while ago but I didn't really get on with that so after asking fellow bloggers what they recommended I decided to buy and invest in the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. What drew me into this product was the colour of the highlighter and the beautiful shimmer that it has. 

Retails at £23.

I like to use this product on the tops of my cheek bones to highlight them more and I also use this on my forehead and down my nose as this is where the sun naturally hits my skin. I adore this product because it gives my skin an amazing glow and I've had some lovely comments from friends about how lovely it looks. This product really has transformed my make up bag and I use this on a regular basis. 

I will admit this product is expensive but it seriously goes a long way because you only need a small amount on your brush. 

Have you tried the MAC Skinfinish? 


  1. Lovely Review! I have not try this yet but i will after reading your blog!! xx