Aussie Shampoo Colour Mate Review

Hey everyone,

I am one to not change my hair care routine so I normally just stick with the same shampoo but it's time for a change now.

I've heard a lot about the Aussie range from fellow bloggers but I've never tried it because I'm a cheap skate when it comes to hair products. I always use shampoos for coloured hair because I have highlights put through and I like to try and maintain the colour for as long as possible and I do hate a root. I discovered the Colour Mate Shampoo in Superdrug as it was on sale for £5 for 500ml; I thought that was a BARGAIN.

Available at Superdrug {£5.99}
The Shampoo has Australian Wild Peach Extract which helps maintain the colour of you hair for that little bit longer plus I love the fruity smell however it doesn't smell like peaches I know; It just has that fresh fruity smell. It also has Aloe Vera in which helps keep the hair smooth and sleek after it's washed. I've seen that the colour has maintained for that little bit longer and the blonde in my hair is still vibrant. I love the feel of my hair after I've washed and dried it; it looks so smooth and sleek.

Have you tried any of the Aussie range?

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