Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturiser Review

Hey everyone,

You will probably know by now that I suffer with quite a lot with spots and I have tried lots of remedies to get rid of them and I haven't seen very good results. After watching Liza from glambeautys video I discovered that she used The Clean & Clear Balancing Moisturiser which is OIL FREE. When Liza said that phrase I knew I had to have that product and realising it was from the Clean & Clear range I knew that this was perfect for me.

Available at Superdrug {£3.59} 
The product itself is very light and doesn't make the skin feel greasy at all meaning it's going to suit oily skin like mine. I like to use this moisturiser after my cleanser every morning however I do use a night cream in the evenings. I have seen some great results with this product because I don't get as many breakouts as I used to which is truly amazing; I mean it maybe that my skin is changing or its the other products I'm using. This moisturiser is amazing if your someone that likes a light consistency because I know some creams can be too thick and make your skin feel greasy.

I would recommend this product like crazy especially with those with oily skin.

Have you tried this moisturiser?

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