The Calories Don't Always Matter

Hey everyone,

I thought that I would post a little lifestyle post seeing as I haven't done one in a while and I wasn't sure what topic to focus on so I decided health and fitness.

I know you might groan at me talking about calories but I am someone who has a habit of looking on packets to see how many calories that there are in something. Now I know that can be really bad because everyone says 'you don't have to worry about what you eat because your young' but I do try to eat healthy and try to stay in shape (however that doesn't always happen).

I have come to the stage that I don't really care about what I eat and if I fancy a chocolate bar then I WILL have one. I mean I do still look on packets to see how many calories there are in something and if there is an alternative then I will go with that but most of the time I just go with what I fancy. My theory is if you eat moderately healthy and exercise a couple of times a week then you have NOTHING to worry about because we do need to be happy at the same time.

Basically the point of this post is that if your someone that worries about your weight or what you eat then know your NOT alone because I worry too but I've realised that life to too short to worry constantly and you should be able to eat what you like (in moderation of course). I usually eat like a biscuit everyday with a cup of tea or a piece of cake but I will still eat my fruit and vegetables too and if you can train your body and your mind to know when you have had enough then you won't need to worry about your weight.

I would love to know your thoughts on these posts and whether I should so some more. Leave your comments below with any topics you think I should cover.

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  1. I'm the sort of person who never looks at the calories... It was a really interesting post too :) Gisforgingers xx