Bloggers and Youtubers Taking Over The World

Hey everyone,

After reading a couple of articles this morning about different Bloggers and Youtubers, it made me realise how much we have taken over the world. Obviously some are more lucky than others as some Youtubers and Bloggers get to do this as their job and others do it as a hobby (like myself) but I want to make people aware of how much we have influenced different people.

Youtubers and Bloggers (Left to Right)
Tanya Burr
Alfie Deyes {Pointless Blog}
Gabby {Velvet Gh0st}
Marcus Butler
Casper Lee
Victoria {In The Frow}
Joe Sugg
Niomi Smart

If I mentioned the names Zoella or Tanya Burr to my mum she would have no idea who they were but if I mentioned them to my friends then they were likely to be aware of these names. Some of these bloggers and Youtubers have more twitter followers than singers and actors which is crazy because they are just people who are making videos and writing about things they love in their own homes.

I have become very influenced by Youtubers and Bloggers, not just the ones who are really famous but the up and coming ones. I love reading fashion and beauty blogs of what other would recommend and also watching videos in my free time if I want a bit of a giggle.

I admire people like Zoella and Tanya Burr who have both brought out beauty ranges just from making Youtube videos and writing blog posts about things they love and it makes me realise that if you put your mind and passion to something then anything can happen.

I'm not just mentioning the really established and famous Youtubers and Bloggers but all of you who put your time and effort into posts and videos because it's something that has become a massive part of my life.

So to all you Bloggers and Youtubers lets carry on taking over the world.

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  1. Great post, it's nice to see this new media creating celebrities. I do think that in some aspects they become marketing tools for brands (like most celebs) but with YT, they create a different connection with their viewers. It's more on a personal level so they trust them more, and there really is no regulation on YT which can be quite scary, as children as young as 8 and watching the likes of Zoella and hanging off their word - they don't have the knowledge to distinguish between content that is sponsored and not. I think it's important that everyone has this knowledge before being able to make choices on what they purchase...

    Sorry, this ended up as a bit of a ramble but I wrote a post on this a couple of weeks back.

    Beth x

    1. Thanks for reading Beth!! Love hearing your comments x