Body Shop Sorbet Review {Pink Grapefruit}

Hey everyone,

I am a very big fan of the Body Butters from the Body Shop especially the flavour Vanilla however they have brought out a new formula called the Body Sorbets. I discovered these through my mum who is addicted to the Body Shop Products and after using her's I found that I had to own this. My mum has the Moringa and Satsuma flavours and they both smell delightful.

Available for £8

I decided to go for the flavour Pink Grapefruit as it is my all time favourite scent from the Body Shop. It is such a fresh, uplifting scent that can be used day and night and it's something I never get bored of. What I love about the Body Shop scents is that they last a long time and the smell lingers and not in a bad way. The actual body sorbets themselves are very light in texture and almost like the sorbet you eat but just not as cold! Although I love the body butters they can be a little bit greasy on the skin especially in the summertime however the sorbets sink into your skin so quickly; with just one rub they are gone (literally).

They cost £8 which you may think is a expensive but I think for what your getting and the quality, it's worth investing. I don't know whether to class the Body Shop as a drugstore or a high end brand so I like to put it in the category of 'High end drugstore' because it doesn't fit in with Rimmel but it also doesn't fit in with brands like MAC.

Have you tried any of the Sorbets from The Body Shop?

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  1. I love the sound of this! I just had a look at the different scents available and they all sound lovely! I find the body butters a bit greasy too so it sounds like I'd love these.


    1. Thanks for reading Jenn!! These are so amazing x

  2. OK I basically love anything with a pink grapefruit scent - this one sounds yum

  3. I adore grapefruit, and love their grapfruit fragrance! This looks so lovely :)