SACO Beauty Blogger Challenge

Hey everyone,

I was contacted by the lovely Katie about a beauty challenge that SACO (Serviced Apartment Company) were running. I always love getting involved with challenges and when it involves make up then I am there. Basically the challenge is all about creating TWO make up looks (a daytime and nightime) look from just 5 products because girls when we go away unfortunately we can't take our whole make up bag. You have to use the same 5 products for both looks however you don't have to use all 5 if you don't want to. This is by far the toughest challenge but I'm gonna give it a go and if you think you can do this challenge then get involved by posting the 2 looks on your blog with photos and then tweet SACO (@SACOapartments) and use #SACOBeauty with the link to your entry.

I am going to do these looks in a form of a video however I'm going to use video stills too of each step just so you can all see how I put the looks together plus it's so much easier doing it this way.

Step 1: Firstly I am going to apply my MAC Studio Fix Foundation because it gives me a lot of coverage and I'm not going to use a concealer in this tutorial. This gives me an even finish, lasts the whole day and also covers up any blemishes I have (which is a lot)!

Step 2: I am going to take my Bourjois Bronzing Powder to give my cheek bones a little bit of definition and I am going to do this by contouring them using my Real Techniques Blush Brush.

Step 3: I am going to use my Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara to give my lashes a bit of volume. I am going to use about 3 coats to make them really stand out.

Step 4: Finally I am going to take my Seventeen Lipstick in 'Kiss and Tell' and apply that to my lips. This is such a gorgeous pastel pink that can be worn all throughout the year and it's never too over the top.


So this is going to be much like the daytime look because I am taking most of the same products to use but I am just going to apply a little bit more to create that GLAM look ready for a night of partying!

Step 1: So once again I am going to be taking my MAC Studio Fix Foundation and I am going to be apply that using my ECO Tools Kabuki Brush to give me an even finish. Like I said before this lasts a long time so even if your not planning on doing your foundation again from the morning this is going to last you the entire day.

Step 2: Then I will take my Bourjois Bronzing Powder to contour my cheekbones just because I have a full face and I like to define my cheek bones more.

Step 3: Using my Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara I am going to apply about 3 coats of this to define my lashes and give them more volume.

Step 4: I am then going to take my Bourjois Bronzing Powder once again to create an eyeshadow and I love the bronzed gold eye that this gives me and you can also apply it under the eyes to create an eyeliner effect.

Step 5: I feel it's so important to have a fully defined eyebrow so I am going to be taking my Rimmel eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

Step 6: Finally I am going to use my Seventeen lipstick in 'Kiss Me Quick' and I love the pretty pink colour and how you can use this for any occasion.


So that is both my looks COMPLETE if you wanna get involved in this competition then head over to the SACO website for more information.

Products used:
MAC Studio Fix Foundation
Bourjois Bronzing Powder
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara
Seventeen Lipstick {Kiss Me Quick}

Here is the video for those of you who want to see how I got this look.

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