A Few Of My Favourite Things Tag

Hey everyone,

So I was tagged by the lovely Charlotte from afashionoddity to do this tag which was created by the lovely Victoria from InTheFrow. I have been meaning to do this tag for a while but I haven't seemed to get round to filming it but I had a free slot of a video so this was the perfect one to do.

The aim of the video is do it in under 3 minutes which for me is hard because if you know my videos, I like to ramble. There are 20 categories and you have to choose 3 things for each. It was so hard when your put on the spot like this but fun at the same time.

Even if you don't have a Youtube channel you can still do this video on your blog, you just won't have the time frame to do it in!

The 20 Categories:
1. Products
2. Foods
3. Places
4. Things you'd Miss
5. Things you do when you're bored
6. Things you enjoy when its sunny
7. Films
8. Songs
9. Brands
10. Outdoor things that you like
11. Events
12. Cartoons
13. Buildings
14. Anything in everyday life
15. Traits in any person, not just partners
16. Influences
17. Drinks
18. Experiences
19. Things to Watch
20. Youtubers


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I hope you enjoy watching this tag and I tag you ALL to do this so have fun!

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