L'Oreal True Match Foundation (Rose Vanilla)

Hey everyone,

Yes another L'Oreal review; I'm kinda addicted right now! Anyways I've discovered another favourite foundation without the crazy price tag.

The True Match Foundation is one that I know a lot of bloggers love and have reviewed so after reading lots of your lovely posts I took the dive and purchased a bottle. Now I'm not going to say that this is incredible and I couldn't live without it because I could however I have been really enjoying it. The coverage is lovely and light which for my skin is perfect as I suffer with spots and I don't like thick foundations as they can irritate it. Although it's very light the coverage is about a medium I would say so it's great for everyday wear and potentially for those more glam evenings. I went for Rose Vanilla and I'll be honest I don't know if that's one of the more lighter or medium shades but it worked for my skin so I'm happy and I'm sure you can judge what shade you need to suit your skin. I actually tried out the same shade that my mum had and it looked amazing so I was happy because I didn't have a million swatches of foundation sitting on my hand.

Available at Boots {£9.99}

What I also love is that the packaging is sophisticated and chic and I always look for that when buying make up (not sure if that's weird) but I love beautiful make up.

For those looking for a medium coverage foundation without the ridiculous price tag then ta daaaaa!

Have you tried the L'Oreal True Match Foundation?

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