L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara Review

Hey everyone,

I've just noticed that I've been doing a lot of L'Oreal reviews lately; could be my new favourite brand? Hmm..not sure my bank is going to be too impressed with that. Anyways thanks to you beauty bloggers out that there I've found another favourite mascara.

I tweeted out a couple of weeks ago any recommendations that you lovelies have for drugstore mascaras and you all came back with this one or the Rimmel Accelerator Mascara and seeing as I own wayyyy too much Rimmel make up I thought I would go for the L'Oreal one. Now I will point out that a few of you said that the Volume Million Lashes in the red packaging wasn't very good and that I should go for the black and gold one so I put my trust in you all and went for that one. I did go for extra black because I do love very bold lashes but I'm sure there isn't much difference.

Available at Superdrug {£10.99}

As for the product itself I am really enjoying it and I'm very impressed with the coverage. When I say 'all you need is one coat' I'm not telling a lie because that's all you really need but I'm someone who always goes one step further. When applying this product my lashes separate really quickly and they become really volumised. I especially like the thick brush with this product because it makes it easier for me to perfect that fake eyelash look but what's really good is that there are no clumps and your lashes aren't left feeling sticky.

Overall I think I've found my new favourite mascara so thank to all you lovely bloggers with AMAZING taste. Okay the price tag isn't great but L'Oreal are an amazing brand that I trust so who needs MAC and Chanel ay?!

Have you tried the Volume Million Lashes Mascara before?

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