MAC 'Kinda Sexy' Lipstick Review

Hey everyone,

So I kinda went shopping again last weekend and found a MAC store so I couldn't just ignore it could I?! I have been in need of a new MAC lipstick so I popped by and bought a new one.

I've been wanting to try Velvet Teddy for a long time but they didn't seem to have but I did spot 'Kinda Sexy' which I thought was pretty close. It was either Kinda Sexy or Honey Love but I loved the name of the first one so I went for that one.
MAC 'Kinda Sexy' {£15.50}
As for the lipstick itself, it's from their Matte collection which I will admit isn't the same as their Cremesheen collection because I don't find it as moisturising. However the matte lipsticks do provide some sort of moisturiser to the lips which is good because I hate it when your lips are dry from lipsticks. The colour is a gorgeous nude shade which a hint of a peach tone so it's perfect for everyday though you could take this into the evening if your going for a more dramatic eye.

We all know (well most of us) that the MAC lipsticks aren't very cheap so I won't go buying them everyday but I do find them a good investment and if your look for a good quality lipstick then try this range. I am hoping to go for a more bold colour next time; I might try 'Poodle'?!

Have you tried any of the MAC lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

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